[COVID-19 Update] Our Commitment to You

By Rob Gabel · March 25, 2020

This new and unthinkable reality of social distancing, economic turmoil, and health concerns are impacting everyone. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all those who have been affected by this unprecedented event, and we hope you and your loved ones have not been directly impacted.

We are grateful for the heroes of the last few weeks — the healthcare workers, farmers, bakers, butchers, warehouse workers, truck drivers, and cashiers who are keeping us healthy and keeping society running.

And we are thankful for you. In these times, the world needs you and your industry — digital video — more than ever for information, entertainment, and human connection. They need your work, and we want to support you in every way we can.

Our team, now working remotely, remains dedicated to providing you with the clarity and support you need to create with confidence in the age of video.

We understand that some of you, in specific verticals or market segments, are already experiencing a profound impact by recent events. Others may see your audiences grow as a result. At both ends of the spectrum, we are here to support you and your team and to help you navigate this changing world, to find your audience, and grow your businesses.

Our teams will approach you with ideas where we find them, but please also reach out to us proactively for help.

Be well,

Rob Gabel
Founder of Tubular

[COVID-19 Update] Our Commitment to You

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