Tubular Labs announces global, cross-platform reach and engagement metrics in co-development with the GVMA

By Neil Patil · April 26, 2019

Tubular Labs announces global, cross-platform reach and engagement metrics in co-development with the GVMA

Three billion viewers worldwide are consuming social video at an undeniably voracious pace, but the ability to measure these audiences hasn’t kept up. The lack of standards in this space hurts media companies and publishers, who can’t realize the true value of their content and audiences, and brands and advertisers, who have no visibility into reach, efficiency and effectiveness across the increasingly complex distributed video ecosystem.

In January, Tubular announced the founding of the Global Video Measurement Alliance (GVMA), the first true publisher-brand industry consortium built to establish new standards for the first fully global measurement system for the world’s digital content, starting with video.

Today, we announce the first two cross-platform reach and engagement metrics in co-development with the GVMA:

  • De-duplicated unique viewers
  • Minutes watched

We are also developing time-based thresholds, which will enable media companies and brands to equate views on across platforms in a true apples-to-apples approach for the first time. These new metrics will be a big step forward in unifying global content measurement.

Today Viacom, Ellen Digital Networks and Corus Entertainment join Vice, Group Nine and Buzzfeed as founding members of the GVMA. Viacom, Ellen, and Corus are cutting edge players in the North American broadcasting and media, already investing heavily in digital video to reach next generation audiences with much success, and see the value of bringing broadcast equivalent standardization to the world of digital video.

Viacom Digital Studios has achieved incredible growth engaging a new generation of passionate digital-native audiences across the leading social platforms. As we continue to invest in audience development and original premium programming from our flagship brands, we look forward to working with the Global Video Measurement Alliance to establish unified methods of measurement for social video.”

Kelly Day, President of Viacom Digital Studios

Tubular Labs has been a crucial solution for reporting to our partners on content effectiveness and video performance. We’re excited to participate in the GVMA and this next step towards the unification of global content measurement, allowing us to fully understand, interpret and activate our extensive cross-platform global social reach.”

Michael Riley, GM of Ellen Digital Ventures

The standardization of social video metrics is long overdue and we’re looking forward to co-developing the new sell-side metrics that will bring uniformity to digital video measurement globally.

Dervla Kelly, SVP of Marketing and Head of so.da, Corus’ social digital agency

GVMA partners will be granted early access to these metrics into Summer 2019.

If you’re interested in receiving exclusive updates from Tubular Labs about our move into measurement, contact us.

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