Tubular’s Social Video Week-in-Review: Getting the Most Out of Music Videos

By Henley Worthen · July 16, 2021

Tubular’s Social Video Week-in-Review: Getting the Most Out of Music Videos

Music videos have changed over time, but they’re still a great way for labels, artists, and music-related media to speak directly to fans. Creating content around those videos can create an even stronger connection to the audience, as one label has discovered over the past couple of years.

This week, we’re talking:

  • How social video helped make Euro 2020 a global event
  • HYBE Labels explosive growth
  • Loki’s finale week buzz

The World Watches a Thrilling Finish

For the last month, the European Championship has been a thrilling tournament, but nothing tops the excitement of the final game. Italy won on penalty kicks to break the 1-1 stalemate. As fans around the world watched on TV, they were also chiming in on social video. From July 10-12, the match generated 175 million Twitter video views, with reactions continuing well beyond the final whistle.

Both the English and Italian national teams took advantage of the moment. The English Football team generated over 12M video views on Facebook over a three-day stretch. While Italians had 3.4 million on Twitter. Winning the social video views count doesn’t erase a heartbreaking loss. But the English team can parlay the audience earned during the tournament to further engagement later on.

Inside HYBE

In the last week, HYBE Labels is one of the world’s most-viewed creators on YouTube (154 million views and counting). But the South Korea-based music label hasn’t always been this prolific on social video. Since July 2019, HYBE Labels has grown its monthly YouTube views by over 3x while getting nearly 5x more engagement (per month). The total number of uploads has gone up in that timeframe, but there’s more to the page’s popularity than just videos.

The increased attention to K-pop certainly helps, as does the global excitement that accompanies anything related to supergroup BTS. HYBE Labels’ most significant change, though, is its ability to lean into interest around its artists. The page posts plenty of music videos accompanied by teaser trailers for videos leading up to releases. 

Instead of just getting one bite of the apple on a new music video, each single is a several-week rollout that keeps fans talking.

Loki Stuns Marvel Fans

Many Marvel fans focused on the weekend’s Black Widow release, but Disney+ show Loki had its own finale Wednesday. Without spoiling anything, we can tell you it was a hit.

From July 10-15, nearly 3,700 YouTube videos were created around Loki — either predicting what might happen before the last episode or reacting to the explosive conclusion. Those videos generated over 42.4 million views. The biggest creators were fewer Marvel-owned pages and more accounts that have sprung up talking about all movies and shows.

With the Disney+ shows creating a much steadier dose of Marvel content, the studio not only has its own marketing efforts to promote projects — but also a legion of accounts telling fans to tune in and/or catch up on what they missed.

Check back next week for more insights to up your social strategy.

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