First Media Uses 30-Day Views to Land More Brand Partners

First Media Uses 30-Day Views to Land More Brand Partners

“We rely heavily on [Tubular’s] V30, because of our conversations with brands. They tell us it’s not enough to have views; they want quality experiences correlated with quality content… We believe [V30] should be the #1 indicator if a publisher is good or not.”

Guy Oranim, CEO, First Media


First Media has come a long way since its inception in 2004. Originally founded as a TV network, First Media launched its digital-first strategy in 2016, when the company realized that women demanded more content related to their lifestyles on the social media platforms.

The results: First Media has grown from less than 100K followers to more than 110M followers and 1.5B monthly views across its properties which include BabyFirst, So Yummy, and Blossom (the latter repeatedly finds itself among the top 10 most-watched Facebook publishers every month.)

Don’t take our word for it, their average monthly performance numbers on Facebook speak volumes:


first media_facebook_performance

Source: Tubular Labs 


For First Media, (smart) teamwork makes the dream work

Today’s content landscape is highly fragmented and incredibly competitive. Every month, 22M publishers upload almost 100M videos online, resulting in about 1.5 trillion views and 30 billion engagements.

First Media has been able to differentiate themselves and reach their audiences by staying true to their brand promise: inspiring women to lead better, more effective and efficient lives through their diverse content offerings in verticals like DIY, lifestyle, food, and beauty

For First Media, the key to regularly creating great content that people want to watch is simple: focus on quality over quantity. Rather than churning out content rapidly, they create a low number of videos and invest heavily into data-informed creative.

It all starts with collaborative creation cycles where several people from traditionally disparate teams work together on a given project. By marrying data and creative, for example, actionable insights and learnings are used to drive content production from one video to the next. As a result, First Media publishes high-quality and high-performing videos over and over again.

Virality is hard to replicate, but applying data-informed strategies to creative allows first media to consistently create videos that their audiences love.


Pitching to brand partners using Tubular’s V30

“It’s critical for us to work well on every video because there’s a reputation to our brand. There’s expectations from our fans, and we call them “fans” because they are people, not “users.” We want to make sure every video is positive, helpful, innovative, and inspiring.”

Yuval Rechter, CPO, First Media


First Media uses Tubular’s V30 (the average number of views a Creator receives on videos at the 30-day point) as a proxy for content quality.“If you’re able to make people watch your content consistently over 30 days, that’s the best evidence of your quality.”

The ability to consistently maximize views per videos is critical to media companies like First Media because that is how they can show results to brand partners. In other words, long-term views on content proves ROI during pitches.

Because Tubular’s V30 is cross-comparable, First Media uses it to prove their effectiveness relative to the competition. “With this data, we don’t have to compliment ourselves. We can prove that our videos are performing the best relative to our direct competition,” said Oranim. All they have to do is just show brands they are pitching their V30 to competitive sets in each vertical and let the data speak for itself.

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