BuzzFeed Increases Average Monthly Views by 11%+

“Data is the only way to truly know if the content you’re creating is successful. Tubular enables us to identify content themes and topics our competitors are using to find success… I don’t think that we would even be doing some of the research we’re doing if it wasn’t for Tubular.”

Head of Data Analytics, BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed, one of the world’s most-watched media companies, made a name for itself by providing news and entertainment content to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Their mission is to produce “the most shareable breaking news, original reporting, entertainment, and video content and does so through multiple creator profiles under its umbrella. It’s key verticals include beauty, home crafts, travel, and food.

The results? BuzzFeed’s average monthly performance on YouTube speaks volumes:

BuzzFeed monthly performance averages on YouTube


Monitoring views and engagement across all these verticals is crucial to content creation and advertising sales, but is difficult to manage for your own content let alone all the content that co-exists in your content universe.

This is where Tubular comes in.

Our solutions provide companies like BuzzFeed with easy access to competitive data, so they can continuously stay on top of what’s trending and see how closely the competition is nipping at its heels. All in a single, cross-platform dashboard.

Trend data from Tubular provides valuable feedback to content creators, enabling them to effectively evaluate whether and how to change content to address the interests of viewers and stay on top of the competition.


Companies like BuzzFeed use tubular to:

  • Win branded sponsored content deals by attracting advertisers by proving dominance in each vertical space.
  • Benchmark their success against competitors with standardized cross-platform social video metrics.
  • Optimize content and channel strategy for effective social video campaigns.
  • Streamline content KPI tracking in a simple, cross-platform view.

Be ahead of the curve in
the age of video.