Freeda Media Grows Facebook Branded Content Share of Voice by 229%

Freeda Media Grows Facebook Branded Content Share of Voice by 229%

“Using Tubular has ensured that the collaboration between creativity and data is one of our key points of investment. This helps our creative team in creating content for its audience through useful insights to find the relevant topics and trends for each platform, for a specific audience.”

Giulia Caruso, Sales Marketing Manager, Freeda Media






“We have used Tubular since we started selling our branded content. Our share of voice has been possible thanks to the insights from Tubular.”

Ivan Lodi, Chief Marketing Officer at Freeda Media


Leveraging Tubular DealMaker, Freeda Media grew their Facebook branded content share of voice by 229%.

Business Challenges

  • Freeda Media wanted to grow their sponsored content sales, but faced stiff regional competition in Italy. The Italian sponsored content market is volatile, with top media players jostling for dominance.
  • To make things harder, Italian brands had also proved reluctant to move significant spend from traditional media to branded social content.
  • With these market conditions, it was vital that Freeda Media had accurate data, both on how they should strategise their sales and also on the performance of their sponsored content.

Digital Video Strategy

  • Use Tubular Labs’ Partner Identification to identify and pitch to highest spending brands.

Key Benefits

  • With Tubular data on their competitor’s campaigns, Freeda were able to identify which relevant brands were investing in branded social video content.
  • The data also made it simple to see which campaigns had underperformed relative to Freeda’s benchmarks, increasing the impact of their pitches to those brands.
  • Post-sales, Freeda used Tubular data to report on campaign performance, helping validate successes and drive more sponsorships


  • In 6 months, Freeda grew their branded content share of voice on Facebook in Italy by 229%. By using insights from Tubular to poach share of voice from their main competitors, Freeda outperformed their competitors just six months after purchasing Tubular.
  • On Facebook, they were able to grow their national share of voice for branded content by 229% between Q3 of 2017 and Q1 of 2018.
  • As well as increasing share of voice, Freeda’s team also used Tubular data to increase client retention, with repeat business rising to over 35% of their portfolio in Q2 of 2018.

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