Jungle Creations Campaign Delivers 11x More Reach than Organic Brand Content

Jungle Creations Campaign Delivers 11x More Reach than Organic Brand Content

“Tubular has vicariously earned us well into the millions of pounds of revenue. It enables our sales team to know how to pitch when they go in so they’re not going in blind and ultimately Tubular helps us win the big campaigns.”

Jamie Bolding: CEO, Jungle Creations



Jungle Creations, a lifestyle media company followed by more than 60 million people globally, with 16 popular channels – including Twisted, VT, and Food Envy – creates engaging video content that appeals to millennial men and women. Twisted features fun and shareable recipe content with a strong Facebook audience.

Business Challenge

Jungle Creations was looking for a trusted, third-party solution to highlight the performance of the sponsored video campaigns it had produced on behalf of Oreo.


By leveraging Tubular data, Jungle Creations validated the stellar performance of its Twisted Oreo campaigns. The six video campaigns achieved an average Tubular Video Rating: V30 (first 30-day video views) of 3.5 million – delivering 11X more reach than organic Oreo content. Total engagements for the period were also higher for sponsored content than organic content – 326K versus 94K. During this time, Twisted Oreo campaigns also boasted a higher average V30 in comparison to sponsored video content produced by tubularlabs.com/demo major food category competitors including Tasty, Tastemade, and Food Network.


“Tubular Video Ratings’ V30 metric proved essential in highlighting superior viewership of our sponsored video campaigns to advertisers.”
Mitch Strong, Head of Commercial Sales & Partnerships, Jungle Creations


Results with Tubular

Jungle Creations brokered an ongoing partnership with Oreo by proving its position as a leader in the online video community. With top performing sponsored video campaigns, it showed the famous cookie company how Twisted reaches millions of people with its cleverly curated, inspiring, and playful content.

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