Roblox builds a data-driven influencer marketing empire

Roblox builds a data-driven influencer marketing empire

“It was clear that Tubular had the most extensive data available for us. I’ve used other performance tools, and when it comes to video performance and video data, I think Tubular is really best in class. I use it almost daily, I’m a super user. Whenever I have a question, the Tubular team is quick to answer it.”

Grace Shen, Influencer Marketing Operations Manager

Roblox, the online game platform, allows users to create and play their own games within a vast, virtual universe. As of January 2024, the company reported 70.2 million daily users. Their monumental success has propelled virtual realities into the daily lives of its users.

Roblox has forged its own unique path to success, building an unprecedented influencer program and strategizing for explosive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. When Roblox sat down to speak with us, their team revealed they adapted to a “build the plane while flying” approach due to the massive uptick in usership over lockdowns.

The world was going through a really difficult time, and being at Roblox, it was an extraordinary moment for us. We called it the Covid Effect because a lot of people were staying at home because of the pandemic. You can see before March 2020 we had about 2.5B monthly social media views which we thought was pretty strong, and then that more than doubled once we hit the pandemic.” 

– Grace Shen, Influencer Marketing Operations Manager

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how Roblox achieved this success, and how Tubular insights assisted them along the way.


Managing Rapid User Surge

With the onset of pandemic shut downs, Roblox witnessed an unprecedented surge in platform users and doubled its viewership and engagement on social. While the sudden influx was exciting, it also created? a challenge in ensuring server stability, content moderation, and providing a seamless experience for the rapidly growing community.

“Roblox was growing so fast, but we didn’t want to just stop and take our time in trying to get everything organized. The mentality was like we got to run with everything that was happening and just get it going. Now, it would’ve been a lost opportunity if we didn’t take charge with it. So we’re really happy”

-Grace Shen, Influencer Marketing Operations Manager

Adapting to Shifting Social Dynamics

The sudden shift in social dynamics during the pandemic prompted Roblox to reconsider its social content strategy. The platform evolved beyond a gaming hub, transforming into a virtual space where people sought not only games but also entertainment and meaningful social interactions. Adapting to this changing landscape required strategic adjustments in social content curation and community engagement.


Build a Strategy to Fuel UGC & Influencer Partnerships

Social content creation = Roblox user engagement

Roblox identified the powerful correlation between social viewership and engagement on their own platform. They created an exclusive influencer program, Roblox Video Stars, which now includes over 700 diverse influencers, embracing a variety of talents and Roblox gaming niches. This incentive empowered those that already qualified for the Video Star program, and encouraged those that aspired to be a part of the program. This encouragement resulted in an influx of user generated content across all social platforms. 

From 2021 to 2022, TikTok user generated content saw a staggering 993% YoY growth in video uploads, reaching over 13 billion people and garnering 1.4 billion engagements.

“With Tubular, we were able to look into the data and see the landscape of YouTube viewership for Roblox. Looking at the big picture, we came up with three very specific data-driven criteria in order to be in our Roblox producers program. You have to have more than 10 million cumulative Roblox video views, 25,000 average views per Roblox video, and 100,000 followers on your channel.”

-Grace Shen, Influencer Marketing Operations Manager

Roblox then leveraged these social creators to swiftly adapt to its rapid expansion during the pandemic. The company utilized theVideo Stars and their prolific cultural understanding and deep product knowledge to help inform their strategy, improve the company’s standing, and introduce product updates. In return, the Video Stars Program provided creators with incentives, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Roblox also uses Tubular to predict where they see growth in certain countries or adjacent categories. Then, they partner with influencers in that category to help drive that growth.

Diversifying Content Based on Audience Preferences

Roblox recognized that its appeal extended beyond traditional gameplay videos. By embracing alternative social content like music videos, funny moments, songs, memes, and even virtual concerts, Roblox transformed into more than just a gaming platform. The company became a lifestyle brand, particularly during the pandemic, where it provided a virtual haven for millions seeking meaningful social connections. 

“Seeing all these types of social media categories from memes to animations, role play, gameplay, and even music videos— it’s really indicative that there is a diversification of content. Whether you are a Roblox YouTube creator or you are a creator on the platform, they really run parallel and mirror each other in that sense”

-Grace Shen, Influencer Marketing Operations Manager

By revealing niche video categories on social media, Tubular helps Roblox understand what is trending on their own platform. This helps them make the virtual world of Roblox even more fantastical every day.


Despite the obstacles, Roblox experienced exponential growth, increasing its influencer program from 200 creators to 700 within the span of a year. The company’s ability to innovate, pivot quickly, and capitalize on opportunities showcased a remarkable example of “flying a plane while building it.”

  • From May of 2022 → May of 2023, views on Roblox user-generated content increased by 85%.
  • From April 2022 to 2023, Roblox dominated TikTok UGC content, outpacing its two biggest competitors with 43% of the pie. 

Roblox’s astronomical journey to success offers valuable insights for businesses aiming to build similar programs. By nurturing user relationships, aligning with creators, and staying ahead with data-driven insights, Roblox has established itself as a powerhouse in the virtual world. Their influencer empire allowed them to soar to new heights during a global pandemic which demonstrated the immense potential of fostering creativity and collaboration in a digital landscape.

Download the full webinar to watch on-demand here: Roblox’s Influencer Marketing Empire.

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