WAVE Sports Reduces Time Spent on Competitive Analysis to Increase Win Rates

WAVE Sports Reduces Time Spent on Competitive Analysis to Increase Win Rates

With Tubular, we’re constantly scouring the software for competitive data and what our competitors are doing. We’ve grown a lot in every metric since starting with Tubular; it’s easy to get topline views, but now we truly know how engaging our content is.

WAVE Founder and COO, Ishaan Sutaria


In less than two years after its founding, WAVE has risen to become the #4 sports media publisher on social video; building a dedicated community of over 30M followers, 1.2B views per month, and 75M engagements per month across all its platforms.

A look into their average monthly performance numbers speaks to their successes as a sports media and entertainment outlet.


Source: Tubular Labs 


How did WAVE grow so quickly in such a short period of time? In part, by turning their philosophy that modern-day sports entertainment is a conversation between fans, teams, and creators into competitive advantages through deep fan engagement.

For WAVE, it’s about moving beyond the highlight reel and staying agile and keeping its content muscles flexed as audiences react to new niches, athletes, and personalities.

In other words, give audiences what they want, where they want it and as fast as possible. This is especially true in today’s sports world which is full of fans eager to consume digital content related to their favorite franchises and athletes as soon as they can get their hands on it.

It’s one thing to talk about creating audience-driven content strategies, but another to put it into practice. That’s where data into what audiences are watching is crucial to informing the content creation cycle.

“Simply put, [data] helps us determine what makes our content tick. We can suss out and optimize the variables that matter, such as cover images, captions, length, angles, etc. Data also shows us how to operate more effectively with how often we’re publishing, what type of content, and what channels we’re distributing on,” said Sutaria in a recent interview with Tubular.

WAVE uses Tubular to understand how engaging their content is and to streamline the process of competitive analysis. In the latter case, what used to take days (if not weeks) manually, can be accomplished in a fraction of the time using Tubular Intelligence.

Lately, WAVE has been using Tubular for their ad business. Sutaria said that “our win rate has been helped by Tubular. It helps us figure out who to target and what narrative to tell them.”

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