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Monetization Gap

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Audiences are shifting from TV to digital video—but the money hasn’t followed. How can media companies prove the value of their audiences, and benchmark against competition? And how can they pitch to brands with data? Without a modern measurement standard for video—just like TV—we’re leaving more than $20bn untapped revenue in the media industry.

Tubular empowers 9/10 of the
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media companies to win big in video.

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Tubular’s data enables you to prove the value of your audience to advertisers, even against competitors – so you can close more deals and increase your revenue.
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Create compelling content based on what your audience is watching and what else they’re watching – even beyond your category. Audience development and growth starts with understanding them.
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Seamlessly measure branded content campaigns across multiple platforms, and easily report on paid, owned and earned content. Benchmark your performance against the competition to prove success.

How media companies use Tubular
to get results

"If you're constantly in the data, aware of everything that's happening then your instincts will be really atuned to make decisions quickly. By staying in the data you can make sure your instincts are ready to make great bets."

Ian Edgar

VP Creative Strategy & Video Programming
Condé Nast

"We use Tubular to get at the type of videos that we think our readers and viewers will watch and want to consume, as a one-stop shop looking across social platforms in one consolidated dashboard."

Russ Torres

VP of Digital Video Content
and Strategy
USA Today

"Tubular gives us the opportunity to benchmark against other brands and competitors. Companies who are resistant to using data will end up falling behind."

Myra Gorostiaga

Director of Social Analytics
A+E Networks

Know what the world is watching and gain your fair share.

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