2024 Awards Season So Far: Social Recap

By Henley Worthen · January 19, 2024

The Emmys, Golden Globes & Critics Choice Awards have gone off with a bang, and social media is buzzing with red carpet moments, acceptance speeches, audience reactions, and of course— some criticism. 

That’s the best part about social coverage, isn’t it? You get to see the highlights while also engaging with other viewers as a culture.

Now, the Tubular team is dishing the inside scoop on how social audiences are lamenting the 2024 award show season so far. But before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s get the birds eye view of award show performance across social platforms:

  • The number of uploads for award show content peaks on the first day after the live show. 
  • Engagements & views peak two days after the show and then taper off. 

Takeaway: Act fast! To catch the wave, upload your award show content the night of & the following day to maximize views and engagement.

Now, let’s dig deeper into the award shows that have already made history in 2024…

January 7th: Golden Globe Awards


Social creators rub elbows with A-list celebs on the red carpet.

In years past, traditional media publishers repurposed TV interviews for social media content. This year, we’re seeing a major bump in social-first content led by some of social’s favorite influencers. 

The “Recess Therapy” red Golden Globes carpet series has garnered +17M views on TikTok with the most engaged video being their interview with Jeremy Allen White, who won later in the night for his role in The Bear. 

The 34 second clip, which was posted 2 days after the event, has over 4.7M views and 730k engagements so far.


Is this the most wholesome red carpet interview? 🗣️YES CHEF 🗣️ #recesstherapy #jeremyallenwhite #goldenglobes #goldenglobes2023 #yeschef

♬ original sound – Recess Therapy


Jo Koy hosted the Golden Globes for the first time and received mixed reviews from both fans and stars. 

Many people took to social media to critique Koy’s insensitive jokes and the fact that he blamed his writers for their poor reception on stage (more on this later when we break down the Critic’s Choice Awards). Social videos feature pans to audience members wearing blank stares and awkward reactions during his opening speech.

Most notably, Koy’s comments about Barbie outraged fans around the globe. This creator’s TikTok, showing stars reactions to some of his poor joke, amassed 8.5M views and 655k engagements.

Might not have been the best idea to make questionable jokes about a movie that touched and empowered so many people this year! Moreover, he seemed to pit Barbie against Oppenheimer, while Tubular data proved that these two movies were actually working in tandem to build anticipation and get movie-goers into theaters. But lucky for Koy, social audiences were more focused on other show moments…


The #1 both Engaged and Viewed Video on social media around the Globes features Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy’s acceptance speech.

This video, posted by a Cillian fan account, is the only acceptance speech of the night to crack the Top 50 engaged videos across platforms.


Show highlights are always popular following award shows — but we know on thing about social audiences, it’s that they love to poke fun at and play off of produced content.

One way that audiences parody celeb-moments is through lip reading and comical voice overs. We’ve seen this in the past, but this took over Golden Globe social coverage. 

What exactly was Selena Gomez whispering to Taylor Swift?

With 1.5M engagements on TikTok, the video became the second most engaged Golden Globes video. Fans are weighing in on what the two stars were gossiping about. While audiences speculated what the starlets were saying, rumors have swirled out of control.

This occurrence shows us how the social media rumor-mill can quickly spin mere speculation into factual stories.


I NEED TO KNOW WHAT TAYLOR SWIFT SELENA GOMEZ AND KELEIGH TELLER ARE TALKING ABOUT AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES 2024 #taylorswift #taytok #swifttok #taylorsversion #fyp #swiftie #viral #goldenglobes #goldenglobes2024 #selenagomez #taylena

♬ suono originale – taylor’s version


What they were really saying 😉 #goldenglobes #goldenglobes2024 Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner at the golden globes @Kylie Jenner

♬ original sound – Hi Josh

Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner attend together and share a sweet moment during a commercial break.

Did we see them say “I love you”? This parody video by creator Hi Josh was the top viewed Facebook video about the Golden Globes. 

One thing about the social media generations? They sure love to laugh.

January 14th: Critics Choice Awards


Chelsea Handler (who previously dated Golden Globes host Jo Koy) proved to be more successful— both on the stage and on social media.

She picked up social traction from taking a stab at her ex when he blamed his writers for the majority of his bombed jokes at the Golden Globes. When the audience laughed at one of her remarks Handler says, “thank you for laughing at that, my writers wrote it”.


There was no contest around what CCA moment went most viral— it was literally just Ken.

TikTok’s Top 5 most viewed videos about the CCAs all featured Ryan Gosling’s confusion when the announcers present him an award for his song from the Barbie movie, “I’m Just Ken”. 

In the #1 viewed social video (with over 13.9M views on TikTok so far) you can see Gosling’s surprise after hearing the presenters call his name. 


‘I’m Just Ken’ de ‘Barbie’ se lleva el premio a Mejor canción original y esta fue la reacción de Ryan Gosling 😂 #ryangosling #barbie #imjustken #criticschoiceawards

♬ sonido original – SensaCine Latam – SensaCine Latam

Another top moment from the CCAs featured America Ferrera’s touching speech about Latina representation in Hollywood after winning the “SeeHer” award. Just like her iconic speech in Barbie, Ferrera left audiences inspired and teary eyed.


Red Carpet fashion is a popular award show category, but this time, social audiences favored someone who didn’t take the glitz and the glam too seriously. 

The top viewed red carpet video from the CCAs has 2.7M views on TikTok and features a surprising contender, Will Ferrell, who jokes that he is wearing Sears as he makes his way past paparazzi.


leave it to #willferrell to get us cracking up on the red carpet. 🤭 #criticschoice #criticschoiceawards

♬ original sound – whowhatwear

January 15th: The Emmys

The Emmys ceremony was actually delayed by four months due to the Hollywood strikes which ultimately shut down the industry and shuffled calendars. Regaurdless, audiences were still just as excited to see their favorite television shows take home prizes.


Anthony Anderson from Black-ish hosted the Emmys, alongside his mother who was brought into multiple bits.

The primetime television awards ceremony commemorated iconic shoes from the past by rebuilding their sets and featuring beloved cast members to present the awards. This created an unforgettable feeling of nostalgia which has been resonating with social audiences over the past year. One notable moment stemmed from the Grey’s Anatomy cast standing in an operating room set, presenting an Emmy Award.

Along with the sets from shows past, the Fox network also paid homage throughout the show to the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday. 


The #1 most viewed video from the Emmys is the”In Memoriam” tribute to those in Hollywood who lost their lives in 2023—including the beloved Matthew Perry who played Chandler in Friends.

Perry passed away in October, and the aftermath of news coverage and social response quickly made the late actor one of the most talked-about people of 2023. In our 2023 In Review, our partners at Chartbeat uncovered that an article Perry’s death was the #1 most engaged news article of last year.

The #1 most engaged video from the CCAs features the touching acceptance speech from actress Storm Reid who won an award for her guest star role in The Last of Us. The young actress gives thanks to the many people who support her, but most importantly, her mom who is shown crying in the audience.

Another notable Emmy moment includes presenter, Christina Applegate who took the stage with a cane due to her MS. While many might have felt sorry to see such a young, vivacious woman in poor health, Applegate made several jokes poking at her disease, the Ozempic weight loss drug, and her first acting role as an infant on Days of our Lives. Needless to say, she received a well-deserved standing ovation.


Three of the Top Ten most viewed social videos about the Emmys featured Selena Gomez and her new beau, Benny Blanco.

It’s safe to say that social media audiences are loving Selena attending all the award shows this season, with her nominations for the hit series, Only Murders in the Building.


#SelenaGomez arrives at the #EMMYs with her supportive king BennyBlanco. ❤️ #AwardSeason

♬ original sound – grace (billie’s version)

Three down, and many more to go!

So far, we’ve seen humor permeating throughout social, along with heart-warming moments and nostalgia from the past. That said, silly parody humor is in — insensitive, misogynistic humor is out. We’re also enjoying a new stream of social-first interviews conducted by some of our favorite creators. We can see that media publishers are understanding the need for social content that is different than TV content.

It’s wonderful to see influencers bumping elbows with A-list celebs— it just makes us wonder, how will influencers show up in the 2025 or 2026 award seasons? 

Coming up next:

  • Feb. 4: Grammys ceremony 
  • Feb. 18: BAFTA Awards ceremony
  • Feb. 24: Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony
  • March 10: Oscars ceremony

You can keep an eye out here to get the social scoop! 

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