How Brands and Media Companies Can Leverage Social Video to Reach Non-Linear Audiences

By Bree Brouwer · June 04, 2021

How Brands and Media Companies Can Leverage Social Video to Reach Non-Linear Audiences

The TV industry is going through a massive upheaval. As audiences split their time between not just linear programming, but also streaming platforms and social video, key TV players (including media companies, brands, and advertisers) have to figure out how to engage these viewers in an increasingly digital era. 

In a new report from the Global Video Measurement Alliance (GVMA), “Discovering Audiences on Social Video,” industry analyst and Alliance member Howard Shimmel breaks down the challenges traditional linear TV is facing and how TV advertising can work in conjunction with social video to drive increased awareness and audience growth.

For example, Shimmel notes that linear TV has seen a decline in viewership across all demographics except ages 65+ since 2010. More than 60% of linear TV’s audience is 55 and older, while only 8% of linear consumption comes from ages 18-34.

However, Shimmel argues this is where social video can alleviate this disparity between demographics in TV. If advertisers, brands, and media companies want to reach younger audiences, they only need to look at social video, where 53% of social video consumption comes from the 18-34 demographic.

In order to realize the value of these audiences, the industry needs a standard form of measurement like Tubular Audience Ratings™ to show exactly who’s watching and where. Then, media companies can make smarter, more informed decisions about content investment, while brands and advertisers have a greater opportunity to reach young audiences outside of linear. 

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