How to Optimize Your Social Video Funnel

By Henley Worthen · December 02, 2022

Social video isn’t just an Awareness tool. 

In fact, this preferred, powerful social format gives you leverage to drive viewers all the way from Awareness → Loyalty. 

But you can’t do that just by throwing money at creators and hoping for the best. An unclear strategy may only win you a spike in viewership – not the ROI and customer loyalty you’re truly after. 

So, how do you develop effective strategies and leverage measurements to optimize your funnel? For the juicy version, click here: Social Video Funnel Optimization: Your Educational Guide to Success.

For the quick wrap-up, read on!

Start with your Objectives.

Within each unique funnel stage, you will have one specific objective to reach:

  • Awareness → Entertain
  • Consideration → Educate 
  • Conversion → Sell 
  • Loyalty → Nurture

Each objective is supported by an aligned strategy and metrics to monitor their success. 

Read on for the breakdown of each funnel phase:


Objective: Entertain large audiences to stretch each marketing dollar to reach as many people in your target market as possible through attention-grabbing content. 

Strategy: Reach into adjacent content categories that have a high overlap with your target demographic to reach your target (or another word) audience while extending into new ones!

Measurements to monitor: 

  • Audience size 
  • Audience overlap
  • Category demographic insights

See it in action: 
Below you can see which content categories have high audience overlap with beauty viewers. A beauty brand could partner with influencers and other creators that are likely to reach the beauty audience and also expose their brand name to new viewers.

This is only one strategy to reach that could be used to supercharge your Awareness stage and help you reach your objective of grabbing the attention of the masses. For other cutting-edge strategies, check out the full piece here: Social Video Funnel Optimization: Your Educational Guide to Success. 


Objective: Inform and persuade audiences who are evaluating competitive brands through education and trust. 

Strategy: Partner with creators who are highly trusted in their category. 

Measurements to monitor: 

  • Monthly minutes watched
  • Number of review videos
  • Video length
  • Engagements

See it in action: 
Surface-level insights show you views, likes, and engagements. But you need in-depth insights to uncover measurements that reveal who is actually watching and for how long. Influencers who have higher watch time and longer videos are typically better at creating educational reviews. Looking at These metrics can you who is a trusted leader in the community you are trying to target.

Want more strategies to optimize your Consideration stage? Click here.


Objective: Grow market share and push viewers over the line by partnering with creators who are uniquely efficient at closing sales. 

Strategy: Target creators and media channels whose audiences have a high shopping affinity for your brand or product category.

Measurements to monitor: 

  • High shopping affinity
  • High audience overlap

See it in action: 

You can only optimize Conversion funnels if you have access to measurements that tie viewership to consumer behaviors. Otherwise, you might partner with influencers who are great at entertaining or educating but have no proven ability to drive sales.

Predictive Consumer Insights tell you who is most likely to convert so that your targeting is spot on– every time.

Our other cutting-edge conversion strategy is all about competitive positioning. Click here to unlock it.


Objective: Promote consumer advocacy and community by aligning with audience interest and building brand preference.

Strategy: Engage your audience with campaigns that give back to 
the community.

Measurements to monitor: 

  • Keyword search affinity
  • Website visitation affinity
  • Adjacent content categories

See it in action: 

Using these measurements to monitor, you can find out what social causes align with your audiences. What do they care about? What campaigns would encourage them to engage, spread good news, and interact with each other? 

You can see the rise in viewership spurred by’s LGBTQ+ campaign in the graph below. By aligning their company with a social cause and bringing awareness to workplace discrimination, nurtured its community and gave audiences a way to engage.

Build a social video funnel that doesn’t let customers fall through the cracks

It can be stressful and expensive to invest in social video and see only a short spike in viewership and little business impact. 

By getting super clear on objectives, learning the strategies that help you reach them, and the measurements you need to support them –  you can create a social video funnel that operates drives ROI, and nourishes a loyal consumer base. This means When you brainstorm campaigns, look for creators, and plan your quarterly schedule, you can ensure that you’re pursuing every funnel stage and employing strategies that are foolproof.

If you want more of what we covered here today, find the full piece here: Social Video Funnel Optimization: Your Educational Guide to Success.

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