The State of Social Video 2023: Part 5

By Henley Worthen · November 21, 2022

Welcome back to the 5th and final part of Tubular’s predictions for 2023 pulled from our best-in-class social video analytics. This blog series covers the key points from our most recent report: Navigating Social Video in 2023: What You Need to Thrive.

In the first four sections we discussed:

  1. Keeping Pace with Social Trends
  2. The Creator Economy
  3. Virtual Communities for Good
  4. Virtual & Augmented Realities

Now, we’re discussing how the good ‘ole fashioned browser search we’ve come to know and love over the last decade is evolving.

Google, why does my head hurt?

How long do I cook a whole turkey?

How do I say ‘see you soon’ in Spanish?

Research shows that most of Gen Z and even many Millennials are going to social platforms to find the answers, tips, and tricks they need on the internet. In fact, recently Google began to integrate TikTok videos into its search results.

Our social video analytics indicates google searches like, “recipes” or “how to” are directly feeding higher affinities between social video content and website traffic.

The Future of Social Search

Key Data Points:

  • Those that search “how to” are 200x more likely to watch Hershey’s content on social video
  • Those that search “how to” are 50x more likely to visit
  • Green Giant is the #1 most-shopped brand by those who search “recipes” in search engines
  • Those who search “quick cake recipes” are 141x more likely to shop for General Mills than other audiences.

So what do these social video analytics mean?

What would a brand like General Mills do with this kind of actionable insight?

A brand like General Mills could create more content related to “quick cake recipes” in 2023 to take advantage of this growing connection between search and social video behaviors.

Tubular’s web-browsing affinity measurement would allow them to benchmark their success more accurately than ever. By tracking the rate of growth pre and post-campaign would indicate that a dessert campaign or partnership with a cake-baking creator paid off in more than just views. It drove website traffic, search results, and shopping activity.

Questions to ask yourself in preparation for the evolution of social search:

Do you have a strong understanding of what social audiences are searching for?

Can you create content for your brand that leans into commonly searched terms like “how to” or “DIY”?

Does your social video analytics solution help you understand the connection between social engagement and behaviors like site visitation and ecommerce shopping?

Cutting-edge social video analytics can answer these questions and bridge the gap between a stagnant brand, and one poised for progression.

Social search insights emerge as a new key tactic to directly connect social audience behaviors to offline conversions and outcomes. Use it to prove ROI and identify new content strategy goals and opportunities.

Thanks for coming along on series as we explored the Top 5 Social Video Trends forecasted in 2023.

  1. Keeping Pace with Social Trends
  2. The Creator Economy
  3. Virtual Communities for Good
  4. Virtual Worlds & Augmented Realities
  5. The Evolution of Social Search

We are more excited than ever about our commitment to empowering you to lead on social in this coming year. Anticipation is high but we’ll be here every step of the way. 

For a cohesive, deeper look into the report and data, download the full version here: Navigating Social Video in 2023: What You Need to Thrive

Happy Holidays from the Tubular Team! Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing time with your loved ones!

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