Tubular Labs Expands Capabilities Linking Social Video Viewing To E-Commerce Across World’s Largest Retailers

By Micaela Wanzer · June 02, 2022

Tubular Labs Expands Capabilities Linking Social Video Viewing To E-Commerce Across World’s Largest Retailers

Consumer Insights product connects cross-platform video viewers to shopping behaviors now across both Amazon and Walmart.


Tubular Labs, the global leader in social video intelligence and measurement, today announced that it can now bridge social video viewing with shopping behavior on Walmart ecommerce for its first-to-market Tubular Consumer Insights product. The product, which already connects the dots between social video viewership and Amazon shopping behaviors, now includes coverage of Walmart online and in-store pickup orders. This provides industry-first access linking social video viewership across new categories including dairy, frozen foods, and beer and alcohol purchases.

Tubular Consumer Insights is fueled by public video viewership across large social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch) and leverages opt-in behavioral data panels. By expanding its data set to include Walmart, the product now links viewership with viewers’ shopping behaviors like product browsing, in-cart activities, purchasing and review posting across the world’s two largest retailers, giving marketers access to data and insights to identify what’s actually working to drive revenue.

“Our Consumer Insights product already provided expansive, first-of-its-kind insights into how social video informs the consumer purchase journey on a granular level,” said Josh Schmiesing, Chief Marketing Officer, Tubular Labs. “With social commerce exploding, Tubular’s Consumer Insights really collapses the funnel for marketers and draws that direct line — from reach and engagement through conversion.”

Brands and agencies around the world entrust Tubular to provide unique audience, time spent and engagement benchmarks that push social video strategies and growth. With the expansion of coverage across additional retailers, it’s even easier for brands to leverage Tubular’s capabilities to power partnerships with video content partners that speak directly to their desired consumer groups. Tubular’s product suite helps marketers map product categories down to the creator or publisher. Using such exact targeting within the product, brands are able to optimize spend in ways that mimic direct marketing, honing in on most likely and/or loyal consumers.

For publishers, the addition of Walmart shopping behavior data provides an even wider breadth of consumer touchpoints to Tubular Consumer Insights, and increases the pool of advertisers interested in social video buying. With an ability to show how viewing directly leads to shopping across the world’s largest retailers, publishers are able to accurately sell ad buyers on the importance of audiences in a specific and targeted way.

The Tubular Consumer Insights Suite delivers visibility into the following metrics:

  • Shopping Affinity: the likelihood of a social video audience to shop for the specified product or product category, compared to an average social video viewer within 30 days of watching their social video content. 
  • Audience Share: the percentage of viewers who shopped for the specified product or product category within 30 days after watching their social video content.
  • Market Share: percentage of total product category/brand shoppers that also viewed that creator or category within the last 30 days. 
  • Relevance Score: Shopping Affinity x Market Share. This normalizes Shopping Affinity for small audience size. 

For more information on Tubular’s Consumer Insights offer, please visit https://tubularlabs.com/products/consumer-insights/.

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