Tubular Labs Extends Consumer Insights Capabilities Beyond Ecommerce to Include Web Viewing, Search

By Micaela Wanzer · July 07, 2022

Tubular Labs Extends Consumer Insights Capabilities Beyond Ecommerce to Include Web Viewing, Search

Consumer Insights will now measure the impact of social video content across the funnel – connecting viewing, online shopping behaviors, web search and domain data into one view

SAN FRANCISCO — July 7, 2022 — Tubular Labs, the global leader in social video intelligence and measurement, today announced that it will extend the capabilities of its industry-first Tubular Consumer Insights product to also include web viewing and search behaviors. Consumer Insights already bridged the gap between social video viewing and shopping behaviors on Amazon and Walmart. Adding web viewing and search now create a full-funnel solution for customers to see the entire consumer journey.

Media buyers, sellers, and creators are currently facing an audience growth challenge. Consumer Insights addresses this challenge by correlating social video behavior to shopping data across two of the world’s largest online retailers, plus these new windows into consumer search and website visitation behavior to effectively measure consumer actions, not just intentions.

“Consumer Insights significantly eliminated guesswork for brands around the impact of branded social video and partnerships. Adding web viewing and search to those capabilities makes for much more informed decision-making,” said Greg Coleman, CEO, Tubular Labs. “Understanding behavior at this granular of a level, across the funnel, allows brands to approach social video in a targeted fashion aimed at converting viewers into buyers.”

Tubular Consumer Insights is fueled by public video viewership across large social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and more) and leverages opt-in behavioral data panels. With the expanded solution, marketers and publishers can dive deep into consumer shopping activity, social video consumption, and digital behaviors. This additional scope gives marketers access to data and insights to identify what’s working (and what isn’t) in order to drive off-platform activity among their audiences.

With search and domain features now included, Tubular’s Consumer Insights product can provide insights such as:

  • What percent of my social video audience visits my O&O website? How does this ratio compare to industry benchmarks? 
  • Which influencers reach an audience that is likely to search for my brand or visit my brand’s website? Am I working with these influencers already? 
  • Is my digital advertising convincing people to take action? How do I move people down the funnel? 
  • Where should I advertise to reach people who are interested in my products? Are there less expensive ways to reach this target group?

“As brands and publishers potentially tighten budgets this year, they’re all looking for ways to maximize how they approach content and advertising, and tying those initiatives directly to sales goes a long way,” said Jon Baron, CRO, Tubular. “By removing the mystery around how consumers progress from content to purchasing, we’re enabling the proper integration of social video into all aspects of marketing and advertising activities across companies large and small.”

Brands and creators around the world entrust Tubular to provide unique audience, time spent and engagement benchmarks that push social video strategies and growth. With the expansion of Tubular Consumer Insights, it’s even easier for brands to leverage Tubular’s capabilities to power influencer partnerships with video content that speak directly to their desired consumer groups. Tubular’s product suite helps marketers map product categories down to the creator or publisher. Using such exact targeting within the product, brands can optimize spend in ways that mimic direct marketing for loyal and prospective consumers.

For more information on Tubular’s Consumer Insights offer, please visit https://tubularlabs.com/products/consumer-insights/.

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