Tubular Certified in YouTube’s New Measurement Program

By Tubular Guest Contributor · June 23, 2017

Tubular Certified in YouTube’s New Measurement Program

Today we’re excited to announce our new expanded partnership with YouTube as a founding member of their new YouTube Measurement Program (the “YTMP“).

Last August you may recall we announced that we would be working closely with YouTube to launch this new Measurement Partner Program. YouTube’s goal in launching the Measurement Program is to work more closely with measurement companies using the YouTube API Services like Tubular, to ensure high quality methodology, accuracy in calculations and clarity in metric definitions.

Tubular has been a long-time partner of YouTube’s in YouTube’s Certified YouTube Partner Program, and we’re now excited to take our partnership to new levels as a founding member of their new Measurement Program.

As a YouTube Measurement Partner, all of our YouTube metrics will be officially certified by YouTube. Tubular is one of five YTMP launch partners selected by YouTube, and we will be working closely with YouTube to further grow YouTube metrics and create a measurement standard for the video industry

Starting today, you will also see a new YTMP membership badge on our website and products – indicating that all of the YouTube metrics and YouTube data that you see in Tubular is specially certified by YouTube for accuracy and are the best available to you in the industry.

We look forward to growing our partnership with YouTube as we continue to provide the industry with the right data and metrics to successfully measure digital video content.

Stay tuned for more from our partnership with YouTube, and you can read more about the YTMP from YouTube here.

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