Tubular’s Social Video Week-in-Review: Trusted Media ‘Digests’ Jukin Content

By Henley Worthen · August 20, 2021

Tubular’s Social Video Week-in-Review: Trusted Media ‘Digests’ Jukin Content

Social video is frequently a game of expanding and maintaining reach. How do you acquire audiences, and once you do, how do you keep them? As recent merger and acquisition news has picked up of late, the topic of reach remains at the forefront. And we dive into how different companies approached growing reach below.

This week, we’re looking at: 

  • Increasingly “Tasty” video uploads
  • How ABC leans into The Bachelorette content
  • Trusted Media acquires Jukin

Getting Louder About Food

BuzzFeed’s Tasty has long been a prolific food creator, but has recently ramped up its monthly posting schedule. Before the pandemic last year, Tasty was averaging fewer than 400 uploads per month on Facebook. However, increased interest in food and cooking videos during the pandemic led to more uploads — and more minutes watched than other U.S. food creators.

In 2021, Tasty has averaged well over 1,400 Facebook uploads per month, and sits atop the July Tubular Audience Ratings leaderboard for U.S. food creators with 208.9M minutes watched across Facebook and YouTube; nearly 20 million more than the nearest competitor.

ABC Accepts This Rose

ABC’s long-running Bachelor franchise has seen major changes in 2021, including 2 Bachelorettes (rather than 1) and the transition away from Chris Harrison as host. The network still uses social video to share content around the show. Their accounts have uploaded 140 Facebook videos in the last 90 days.

While tune-in videos were the biggest draw by views, some of the most engaging posts featured individual scenes — including Bachelorette Katie officially getting engaged to Blake. ABC also utilizes its other shows to cross-promote The Bachelorette. Jimmy Kimmel Live posted about it 5 separate times on Facebook in the last 90 days — several of which feature interviews with Bachelorette Kaite Thurston.

Disney may be unique in its scale and ability to cross-promote its various entertainment properties (Kimmel also regularly talks to Marvel stars when those shows and movies come out). This approach provides a roadmap for how other media companies & brands can similarly integrate content to grow reach.

Jukin’s Digest-Able Videos

Reader’s Digest publisher Trusted Media acquired video creator Jukin Media last week. This moe could bring Trusted’s more “traditional” media properties into a more modern streaming environment. Tubular shared with Digiday that Jukin is averaging over 1B views per month on Facebook. The creator finds numerous ways to connect with audiences across various pages like Fail Army & The Pet Collective.

The opportunity for Trusted Media comes from what Jukin Media can do to expand its audience. In July 2021, Trusted Media properties reached 753,000 unique viewers across Facebook and YouTube in the U.S., and 66% of those were over 35 years old. Meanwhile, Jukin reached 47.1 million unique U.S. viewers in that timeframe, and 46% were under 35 years old. Both from a pure viewership standpoint and by target age, this acquisition greatly expands who Trusted Media is able to get in front of with its content on social video.

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