GroupM Validates the Relevance of Social Video in Media Planning to Win New Business

GroupM Validates the Relevance of Social Video in Media Planning to Win New Business

GroupM is the world’s largest media investment company that serves as the leading liaison between advertisers and publishers. As their global CEO said, they are constantly striving to ensure that both the buy-side and sell-side of their business are getting the most impact for their investments. As the evolution of the media landscape accelerates, so too does GroupM’s innovation around digital and social strategies.

In order to win and retain business in the age of social video, GroupM needed to prove the relevance and impressive growth of social video to their clients in Indonesia. Not only did they need to benchmark social video on success, but they also needed the ability to project future growth through AI learning models.

Then, once the relevance of social video is locked in — exhibiting GroupM’s expertise and knowledge within categories like gaming, beauty, and electronics was the next step. This global media investment company has an incredible understanding of the macro-media landscape, but they needed a way to prove that they were just as strategic within sub-genres and emerging content spaces.

Insights to Actions

GroupM Indonesia uses Tubular Intelligence to obtain the most trustworthy cross-platform insights available today. They regularly use Tubular’s data to benchmark views and engagements. These capabilities let the media investment group track patterns in categories and content so they can easily spot a trend before it goes viral.

For example, GroupM used data to surface topic areas that are popular with beauty creators on YouTube. This helped them identify unsaturated content that was steadily performing well. It also helped them find creators who were already thriving and connecting with the unique audiences brands wanted to target. The agency was able to identify subtopics that resonated the most with creators.


Tubular data paired with GroupM’s advertising creative expertise makes the agency unstoppable and exponentially increases the success of their client’s investments. They are able to prove social video reach, and demonstrate the growth within specific genres and even for specific creators. For existing clients, this means they can better determine their campaign ROI and increase loyalty to the group. For new clients, GroupM can offer more thorough pitch decks that can project with greater accuracy the benefit of potential partnerships.

These valuable insights help GroupM advise their brand partners, refine their content strategies, and create campaigns that connect with their target audiences.

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