How Corus Predicted the Quarantine Food Trend and Grew Unique Audience Reach by +63%

How Corus Predicted the Quarantine Food Trend and Grew Unique Audience Reach by +63%

“Data is at the core of all that we do at [Corus’ internal digital agency] so.da – from identifying new opportunities, developing our social strategies, to informing our content creation.

During the content ideation phase, we used Tubular to identify what types of content were over-performing, which determined the focus of the series as well as the right time to launch, and strategize which audience niches we would target with paid media for each of our episodes.

No matter if it’s a social-first series or a sales pitch, Tubular is a key element of our data-driven approach.”

Dervla Kelly, Senior Vice President, Marketing & so.da, Corus Entertainment



Corus Entertainment’s Food Network Canada (FNC) needed a way to predict what food content would perform best for its audience, as viewers stayed at home and studios were shut down during quarantine.

FNC also wanted to understand the types of content that could give the network a competitive advantage, and see if there were mid-form series content opportunities that were untapped.


Using Tubular within its research process, Corus Entertainment identified that baking content was among FNC’s nine of 10 top-performing posts. It further honed in on “homemade baking” as the trending topic within baking using Tubular.

With this data, Corus not only was able to create and publish new ideas for baking videos, but it also developed a new original social series called The Substitute Baker.


FNC grew its unique audience reach 63% from February (1.9M uniques) to March (3.1M uniques).

FNC published +19% more videos related to “homemade baking,” driving a 20% increase in views in the last three weeks of March (18M views, 255 videos) vs. the whole month of February (15M views, 215 videos).

The Substitute Baker‘s top-performing video — “Raspberry Cashew Cheezecake” — drove a 2x higher average 30-day view count (V30) than the Food & Drink category’s V30 for Facebook videos uploaded March 15 – April 15, 2020 in Canada.


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