VICE Media Measures Video Performance Success in a Quarter of the Time

VICE Media Measures Video Performance Success in a Quarter of the Time

“Attention is a commodity we compete for, daily and even hourly. With Intelligence API, we consolidate performance data from disparate video platforms and quickly distribute metrics of success across teams globally in order to continuously have our finger on the pulse of our market. Now, instead of cobbling data, I can concentrate on what the data can do for us.”

Nabila Kabir, Senior Data Analyst at VICE Media


Leveraging Tubular Intelligence API, VICE Media’s data analyst team now takes 1/4th the time to understand their performance story.

Business Challenges

  • VICE needed to evaluate and monitor 2,000 competitors to make effective content decisions.
  • Pulling data from every video distribution platform would take months, too slow to understand, compare performance, and adapt to competitors.

Digital Video Strategy

  • Use Tubular Intelligence API to monitor competitive performance and adapt content in real time.

Key Benefits

  • The Intelligence API consolidates performance data across video platforms into a single source of truth for any set of videos and creators.
  • Centralized reporting and distribution efficiency enable content teams to visualize performance the way they need to and drive new content strategy.


  • The data analyst team is now able to consolidate and socialize measures of success to the VICE team globally in less than 1/4th the time!
  • In one use case, the content teams decided to focus on long-form content as a competitive differentiator and as a less saturated but high-performing video market.


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