How Hearst TV Grew Facebook Engagement by 310% in One Year

How Hearst TV Grew Facebook Engagement by 310% in One Year

“Tubular helps us track our station video performance, identify our best performing content, and stay on top of market trends. We consider it a valuable tool in managing our digital video business.”

Director of Digital Business Development at Hearst


Hearst Television is a premier publisher that owns and operates 26 local television stations across the US, each with its own independent social media accounts. With numerous awards for distinguished journalism and innovation, it is crucial that this premier distributor has the necessary tools needed to lead on social and bring news stories to younger, engaged audiences.

Traditional news publishers are undergoing an exciting period of evolution. As younger audiences rely more on social platforms as their main news source, publishers are challenged with understanding what types of content and topics perform best on each social channel. What works on YouTube doesn’t necessarily work on TikTok or Twitter.

Social audiences have different expectations and preferences from app to app. That’s why the copy-and-paste method that entails repurposing televised content for social is not necessarily effective. Studying each social app and creating a tailored content strategy for each might seem like a daunting task, but Tubular’s behavioral insights make understanding social easy.

With Tubular on their side, Hearst TV is making serious moves toward being a leading news publisher on social. Find out how they did it below!


  • Hearst TV needed to increase aggregate video views across its ecosystem of social channels.


  • Hearst leveraged Tubular as a centralized tool to oversee their network of social channels and form data-driven content strategies.
  • Hearst TV monitored overall content performance to gain a deeper understanding of what types of content perform best on different social channels.

Growth with Tubular

Using these insights, the Hearst TV capitalized on disseminating high-performing, trending news clips and growing their social audiences.

  • Facebook Views Increased 320%
  • Facebook Engagement Grew 310%
  • Cross-Platform Views Increased 198%
  • Cross-Platform Engagement Grew 240%

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