Portal A

Portal A drives high-impact content for Lenovo by identifying, measuring, and working with the right creator partners.

Business Challenges

  • Lenovo approached Portal A with the goal of reaching a target audience of young males through a video campaign for Star Wars: Jedi Challenges.
  • Portal A needed to create authentic content featuring the product and identify creator partners with strong audience performance and affinity for the Lenovo’s target audience

Identifying High ROI Creator Partners

  • Portal A used Tubular’s Creator Intelligence and created a Talent Index that looked at creator channel growth rate over 30 days, audience demographic breakdown, audience sentiment around prior branded content, and other key quantitative and qualitative metrics.
  • Portal A used Tubular’s “Audience Also Watches” feature to identify two creators whose fan bases shared affinities and would be most likely to click through to watch both creators’ videos.  Audiences of creators Chad Wild Clay and Guava Juice were found to be 50.2x more likely to watch both pieces of content 

Key Benefits
Portal A successfully engaged creators Chad Wild Clay and Guava Juice, who were found to be 50.2x more likely to watch both pieces of content.

  • Overall, the content produced by Portal A included 13 total videos across YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, generating millions of organic views and 100K social engagements.
  • More than 250K viewers directly clicked through to watch both videos, and the average ‘Like’ ratio of the videos was 97%, speaking to how much the branded content resonated with the audience. 

“Knowing which creators will hold viewers’ attention across multiple videos is an opportunity to win big with binge viewership.

Matthew Ward, Director of Strategy at Portal A 

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