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Shape Culture Through Media

Understand the shoppers who make up your audience

Every audience has unique consumer demographics that tell us what products and brands they shop for.

Unlock new content your audience will love

Identifying the content your audience also watches beyond your own can help you reroute viewers back to your channel by satisfying viewing preferences.

Project campaign success and benchmark impact

See what percentage of your audience shops for specific brands and product categories to project impact and measure success.

Never miss a growth opportunity

If you’re just keeping up, you’re already behind.

Access to instantaneous measurement from Tubular means you can take actions in real time, without waiting for post-campaign reporting.

If it’s not all in one place, you’re wasting time.

At Tubular, data from all social platforms are viewable in one, easy to use place so you can measure quickly and effectively.

Once a trend is mainstream, it’s too late.

With Tubular’s AI machine models, you can take a microscope to your industry and identify the hard to see growth opportunities before they blow up.