How to Unlock Gen Z on Social Video: Webinar

By Henley Worthen · September 29, 2021

The Advertising Research foundation invited industry thought leaders to discuss today’s major media insights at their annual event, AUDIENCExSCIENCE.

Amongst keynote speakers from Comscore, Facebook, and NBC was our Head of Content + Product Marketing — Kate Ginsburg. 

Kate shared some coveted Gen Z insights with participants… but we didn’t want our Tubular community to miss out on the magic, so we’re giving you a rundown here.

Linear TV vs. Social Video

The data doesn’t lie. When it comes to Gen Z, social video consistently outweighs traditional television viewing in key genres. 

Brands and Media companies late jumping on the social video train will see their audience demographics aging. Genres like People & Blogs, and Kids’ Entertainment & Animation have seen a significant growth in minutes watched since focusing on social streaming. 

60% of the US’s time spent on social video comes from Gen Z and Millennials — the major benefit? Social video can link directly to eCommerce sites; Television can’t give you purchases at the click of a button. 

The 3 Keys to Understanding Cultural Relevance 

  1. Categories because trends are constantly evolving.
  2. Audiences because meeting them where they are, pays off. 
  3. Partners because strategic collaboration offers new reach.

Influencers are the Name of the Game 

Gen Z spent a whopping 82% of their time on social media with influencer content.

What does the rapid growth of influencer marketing say about us as a culture? Simply put – audiences crave authenticity. We know it’s an oversaturated world in today’s market, but there is real science behind it. When humans feel connected to someone, we are more likely to believe what they tell us about a product or service. 

When looking for creators that are the right fit, it’s essential to understand what genres work best. Gen Z’s watch far more entertainment-themed content on social than other audiences, so brands and companies should look for creators in this industry to gain more access to these audiences. 

Purchase Behaviors inform Partnerships

Want to understand what audiences are more or less likely to purchase? The art of identifying effective partnerships is dependent on understanding adjacent content verticals where potential customers may be spending time. 

At Tubular, we’re able to layer e-commerce purchases with viewership trends so that our clients can make their expensive business decisions based on data that pays dividends.

Timing is Everything

Using Tubular, you can identify which types of videos are preferred within each demographic. For Gen Z audiences, 88% of the content from creators with the highest reach is under 1 minute. 

Brands and companies are jumping in on this trend by creating viral TikTok trends and partnering with influencers specializing in short, snappy content. But what about Youtube #Shorts? 

YouTube’s rendition of a TikTok-style video platform has had astronomical success, growing nearly 700% compared to last year. While most #Shorts creators are influencers, media companies and brands are beginning to utilize this new platform as the demand outweighs the video supply.

Insights to Actions: 

  1. Prioritize social video in order to reach young audiences as data shows linear TV ratings are in decline for this demographic. 
  1. Identify what categories your audience is watching by using Audience Ratings and determine buying affinity using our Purchase Behaviors tool. 
  1. Focus on formats that are trending by analyzing our Content Intelligence to back your creative decisions. 

At Tubular, we are constantly working toward creating a transparent and trustworthy foundation for the world of Social Video.

Watch the full video of Kate Ginsburg dishing insider insights below:

This video was recorded by the Advertising Research Foundation as part of their virtual event programming. Please visit the for more information about this and other events.

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