Integrate ChatGPT into Your Video Content Strategy 

By Henley Worthen · February 24, 2023

Integrate ChatGPT into Your Video Content Strategy 

As marketers and creators, ChatGPT is at the top of everyone’s mind but the real question is, how do we integrate this new AI technology into our business strategy? 

ChatGPT can perform a myriad of impressive tasks in a matter of seconds. From writing emails to creating social posts and answering common questions, there’s no end in sight for what the technology can automate for us.

But, for online video advertisers, the answer isn’t so obvious. This technology can’t (yet) make the viral TikTok videos, YouTube tutorials, or show-stopping Super Bowl commercials we need. But don’t fear. There’s some AI fun in it for all of us.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how ChatGPT can guide your content creation strategy and improve your social search alignment.

First things first— create a boolean search string in seconds

With the click of a button, you can uncover an unlimited number of search terms and topics relevant to your products. When you log into ChatGPT, you have the freedom to type anything you want into the search bar. You can type in “Give me a synopsis of Mick Jagger’s career”, “ideas for Valentine’s day gifts” or “give me 20 ideas for TikTok videos”. 

But to uncover relevant terms and topics to your product and brand, here is what we suggest for your boolean searches: 

“Help me create a boolean search string with and/or operators for [________]. Give me 50 options.”

Of course, input your own products and services to fill in the blank. For this example, we’ll use espresso making. 

“Help me create a boolean search string with and/or operators for [espresso making]. Give me 50 options.” Here’s what you’ll get:

This is great, but what are the benefits of using an AI model to generate these search results for online video marketers? 

1. Know your market, through and through

No matter what industry you’re in, markets are vast and ever-evolving. Some of the keywords that were generated in our example boolean search were not commonly known “espresso making” terms such as “microlot”, “SCAA”, and “cuppers”.

These are terms that perhaps dedicated espresso aficionados would know but aren’t obvious to others. This boolean search can help you get to know your industry on a granular level so that you can market and position yourself in all corners of your market. This is especially helpful for content marketing agencies who are pitching campaign ideas to their clients. As a marketing agency, you’re typically coming into your client’s market from an outsider’s perspective. ChatGPT can be your way in (without spending hundreds of hours researching online!)

No matter what industry you’re in, whether it’s beauty, tech, gaming, or automotive, you can always use this tool to deepen your knowledge of your own industry and expand your reach.

2. Discover profitable micro-communities 

These search terms from ChatGPT can help you unlock virtual communities that are already consumers within your industry and spend a good portion of their time on social platforms watching content about your marketing and engaging with others. 

For instance, there is a solid micro-community around Latte Art, number six on our ChatGPT boolean search list. The hashtag #latteart has generated 142M TikTok views in the last 90 days from only 1.5k uploads.  In this community, you’ll discover tutorials like this video about how to make milk swans which has 45.5M+ views, sleepy unicorns, and other intricate images!

Using these AI-created boolean searches, you can uncover what specific micro-communities are watching online and what content niches they find most engaging.

3. Generate content creation ideas

For online video marketers like us, we are always looking for new ideas to fill our marketing plan with social media that aligns with our consumers and helps us remain culturally relevant.  When you discover relevant keywords that your consumers care about through ChatGPT, you instantly eliminate hours of brainstorming and trying to think outside the box. This can be extremely beneficial for content marketing agencies and in-house media marketers to save time. When AI does the heavy lifting for you, you can cross-reference these terms with Tubular data to understand if there is a white space opportunity within that content trend. 

Is there a high demand in viewership? Is the subcategory already over-saturated? Are your competitors already positioned within this subcategory? 

All of these answers will help you validate whether this subcategory is worth moving into and mitigating investment risk.

Consider Tubular’s social video analysis of niche subcategories within the automotive space.  You can see which categories are oversaturated like Motorcycles, which is extremely oversaturated with relatively low viewership. Alternatively, you have categories like Amphibious Vehicles that is in extremely high demand with very low content saturation.

You can easily create this very same subcategory breakdown for your own market using our social media software at Tubular.

4. Optimize your social search

More and more social media users are looking to their favorite platforms for tips, tricks, answers, and information. Rather than typing “recipes for espresso coffee cake” into Google, they’re looking for video tutorials on the subject on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and beyond. 

Why would you read through several lengthy recipes and scroll through images when you could watch this aesthetically pleasing video of @sugarandsparrow making this fabulous cake? 

Understanding relevant search terms means you can understand what your consumers are already searching for, and create content that they would look for on social platforms. Brands that can align with their audience’s social search and create the videos their audience wants will benefit greatly as more and more individual users gravitate towards video platforms and away from traditional search engines. 

While many are currently using ChatGPT for code and copy purposes— that doesn’t mean this AI technology is not valuable for video marketers like you and me. 

The ability to generate an infinite amount of boolean search strings in an instant is extremely valuable to video marketers. Using these results you can: 

  1. Better understand your market
  2. Discover highly profitable micro-communities
  3. Get inspiration for your aligned content
  4. Optimize your social search strategy

Of course, all of these tools can be validated and optimized when referenced against Tubular’s social video insights. If you’re ready to integrate ChatGPT and social video’s single source of truth into your content strategy– request your free Tubular demo today.

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