Tubular’s Social Video Week-in-Review: How Underdogs Take Home the Gold

By Henley Worthen · August 13, 2021

Tubular’s Social Video Week-in-Review: How Underdogs Take Home the Gold

OK, this is the last thing we’ll say about the Olympics (at least until next February):

↳Nearly half of Olympic-related videos viewed during the games didn’t have anything to do with the actual competitions. We’ll break down what those alternatives were, and why they should matter to you. 

There’s also some good stuff in there about dancing and eating…

This week, we’re looking at: 

  • The under-used format that medaled at the Olympics
  • YouTube goes long on music acts to promote #Shorts
  • BAM! How to spice up the mundane act of grocery shopping into tasty content

Olympic Videos Go Beyond Sports Clips

Not surprisingly, Sports-Specific videos were the most popular Olympic-related content on Facebook (56% of the top 30 videos). Ads took up 10%, and Competitor Interviews took 7%. 

But — there were also opportunities for non-sports creators to win. 27% of the top Facebook videos were unrelated to sports, such as cooking videos featuring Olympic Ring Pancakes.

We see a lot of room for brands to take up more space by creating alternative content, like Olympic-related crafts and activities.

At Tubular, we look at non-endemic numbers because they often offer a roadmap for how brands and publishers can join sports conversations as big as the Olympics. Tracking Individual Creators + Trends helps our clients stay relevant in spaces they otherwise wouldn’t be a part of.  

Dance Skills Not in ‘Short’ Supply


YouTube enlisted an A-list lineup of musicians to launch its new #Shorts feature, including K-Pop sensations BTS. The Korean boy band is called on their fans (the legion BTS Army) to participate in the #PermissionToDance Challenge, exclusively on YouTube #Shorts.

Fan submissions have become a fixture among the most-viewed U.S. YouTube videos for weeks now, with the invite video alone racking up more than 29 million views. 

Video Views are in the (Grocery) Bag

You wouldn’t expect a grocery store to be a hub for consistent, fresh content. Yet, Texas chain H-E-B is a social video sensation! H-E-B has racked up over 67.7 million views on YouTube over the last 365 days. 

How? They lean into what they know best—food.

From product ads to lessons, contests, and cooking tips H-E-B consistently finds ways to engage their local fan base. They have a strategic focus on their community and the products sold there. In doing so, the chain has become a paid content producer, without really trying to be anything more than a grocery store.

Our question for you is: how can you lean into what you already know and create content about that?

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