H2 Social Trends: ChatGPT & AI

By Henley Worthen · August 18, 2023

Welcome to Part 2 of our 5-part series covering the best social video trends of H2 2023. Just last week, we unraveled the latest secrets of short-form video mastery by uncovering the newest data on video durations and understanding the balance between long and short-form videos. 

In Part 2, we’re telling the social video story on ChatGPT & AI. Below, we peel back the layers of audience interest by identifying what types of ChatGPT videos people are searching for, and how content creation will change thanks to the new technology.

ChatGPT Across Video Categories 

As the world learns how to use, integrate, and make sense of ChatGPT—we can look to social media video categories to tell us what people are interested in.

Amongst TikTok audiences School & Business related topics are the largest video categories. 

Nearly 1/3 of all ChatGPT views on TikTok are related to Entrepreneurship & Financial Freedom. Audiences are interested in how they can use AI to assist in their businesses, make money faster, streamline processes, and more.

The most viewed business-related ChatGPT TikTok video posted in the last 90 days was created by @AIavalanche. The video shows how AI can make an entire PowerPoint presentation based on the instructions the user gives it. With over 9.7M views in the last 90 days, this video shows that people are really eager to learn about the technology’s capabilities.

Just behind the Entrepreneurship & Financial Freedom category is School, which demands a hefty 24% of all ChatGPT-related TikTok viewership. It’s no surprise that students are interested in learning how to pass tests, learn, and write essays using AI technology. Take a look at the many school-related ChatGPT hashtags that have racked up tens of millions of views:

Tubular’s social video data analytics indicate that ChatGPT is becoming a regular tool in students’ toolkits— much like a textbook or online research. However, we will wait to see how schools will handle the emergence of AI that can allow students to skate by without actually learning much. There are already apps and programs that help teachers detect whether ChatGPT has been used or not. 

Although regulations for students will likely be put into place, we can still expect to see AI-literate students entering the workforce in the not-so-distant future. 

ChatGPT: Training on TikTok

In Tubular’s Navigating Social Video in 2023: What you need to thrive, we discussed how social video platforms like TikTok were slowly replacing search engines like Google. For example, a person who once used Google to search for chocolate brownies recipes might now search on a social platform to find a video of the same recipe created by their favorite culinary influencer.

It’s no surprise, then, that in order to learn how to use new advanced AI technology, social audiences are searching for tutorials and how-tos on social platforms. For example, #ChatGPThack earned an impressive 68M views in the first half of 2023.  

While some of these hacks cater to entrepreneurs and students, others are good for people collecting compiled lists of information, ideas, or data sets. Perhaps they want to know “Top 50 things to do in London” or “Best morning routine to increase productivity”. 

In fact, one popular video hashtagged #ChatGPThacks shows users how to use reverse psychology on ChatGPT. After the software denies leading the user to piracy websites where they can view shows for free, the user then asks the ChatGPT to provide the list so they can stay away from those sites and remain on the good side of the law. And Voila! ChatGPT provides a compiled list of the piracy websites.


most old tricks no longer works but this one still does wonder with 3.5. #chatgpt#chatgpthack

♬ original sound – Tony Aubé

Memes & Comedy

Lastly, we look at the third most popular video category for ChatGPT content — Memes & Comedy for 19% of all ChatGPT-related viewership on TikTok.

Memes are important to today’s culture. Much like the vintage cartoons and posters that would circulate in cities during the early 20th century, Memes reflect what society at large is grappling with, and make light of the human experience. 

Memes, and social video, are a direct reflection of culture. It only makes sense that audiences are using this video category to start discussions, have a laugh, and share sentiments about emerging AI technology that will change the way humans work, create, and gather information forever.

Content Creation & AI 

Not only are audiences interested in using ChatGPT to enhance their businesses and learning capabilities— but they are also using it to create content quicker than ever. 

For millions of people, content creation is a full-time job. That means every day consists of generating ideas and producing a video with a storyline, script, images, clips, and edits. 

Many AI tools have launched that help creators generate video scripts, and make faster edits, and product ideas. For creators, “keeping up” is getting a whole lot easier. If you missed our blog earlier this year about how to utilize ChatGPT into your content strategy, be sure to give it a read.

Consider the cutting-edge application, Supercreator.ai, which streamlines short-form video creation — from ideation to creation. Creators can input longer content like blogs, Twitter threads, and even YouTube videos to instantly receive an AI-generated short-form video script. Once the footage is recorded, the app automatically edits the video and generates captions. With a polished, finished product, Supercreator generates titles, hashtags, captions, and more. 

Founder of Supercreator.ai, Roy Hermann, shares with Tubular his vision for the future of AI-assisted content creation:

“In a year from today, we can expect fully automated video editing, more robust AR camera filters, and other brand new technologies integrated directly into the app (like text-to-3d or image-to-3d).”

– Roy Hermann, Founder and CEO of Supercreator.ai

Companies like Supercreator are pioneering the future of AI-powered video creation and we can’t wait to see how brands, marketers, and creators leverage this exciting emerging technology.   

Make sure you didn’t miss Part 1/5 of our H2 Social Trends series where we unraveled the particulars of short-form video and content strategies. 

Next week, we’ll be discussing the News on social media! We’ve identified video topics and posting strategies that will nurture loyalty with social’s growing News audiences.

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