Tubular’s Social Video Week-in-Review: Social Media Gets Spidey Sense

By Tubular Guest Contributor · August 27, 2021

Tubular’s Social Video Week-in-Review: Social Media Gets Spidey Sense

Superhero movies remain pretty popular, but some characters just manage to captivate everyone — even the most casual fans. One of the most popular costumed vigilantes is Spider-Man. And after both a leaked trailer and an official release over the weekend, the web-slinger is one of the stickiest things on the internet right now.

This week, we’re looking at: 

  • Social media’s “spidey sense”
  • Gaming content’s high scores
  • Watch-time wins

Spider-Man Wins the Web

The teaser trailer for Sony and Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home shattered the internet this week, much like star Peter Parker seems to shatter the multiverse in this first look at the film. Sony reports it’s the most-seen teaser trailer ever in the first 24 hours, and Tubular Labs data shows that it takes both the first- and second-place spots for most-seen U.S. Youtube videos this week.

Sony’s upload alone has nearly 50 million views already since the late Sunday drop, and there’s no end in sight to the hype. Globally, over 11,000 YouTube videos have been uploaded about the movie since Sunday.

Influencers Score Big In Gaming Video

Our just-published special report on gaming social video content reveals, among other things, how much gaming is dominated by influencer content. A stunning 98% of the cross-platform time spent watching gaming content came from influencer-created content. That leaves just 1% each for content created by brands or media. 

Gaming brands (consoles, publishers) have picked up on this too, leaning more heavily on influencers to launch new games and make other announcements. During this year’s E3 conference, influencer-earned content generated the most views, and influencer reactions to trailer reveals were particularly impactful. 

For instance… while the official “Call of Duty Mobile” trailer generated 27 million views in the first 30 days after release, engagement rates for influencer reaction videos to those trailers were 40-50 times higher.

Watching Watch Time

July’s Tubular Audience Ratings provide the latest look at which brands, media companies and influencers are capturing attention. And while some things are constant (like Cocomelon earning billions of minutes watched), others can surprise. For instance, House of Bounce had more unique U.S. viewers (30.9 million) than SportsCenter (26.7 million). Bon Appétit also out-paced Food Network by minutes watched, racking up 66.3 million vs. 47.8 million for the latter. 

Understanding where to find opportunities to expand viewership is also crucial to channel growth. One creator may have millions of millions of female viewers in the 35-44 age bracket, but could accidentally ignore them from a content perspective. With insights into what else that cohort watches, you can tailor more content to keep them tuning in and attract similar viewers to grow your repeat viewership.

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