Jungle Creations

Jungle Creations, the 6th most viewed media company in the world, used Tubular data to measure the performance of its sponsored video campaigns on behalf of leading confectionery and cookie brand, Oreo.


The LADbible

Leveraging Tubular data and insights, The LADbible developed winning content to increase its Facebook views by 197% to become the #1 European media property.



Hearst TV saw a 320% increase in Facebook video views in 6 months after using Tubular to inform a comprehensive content strategy and seamless distribution process for their extended network.


CBS Interactive

CBS Interactive used Tubular data to identify and showcase James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segments as the most watched late-night videos.



Wilton, the leading food-crafting brand, leveraged Tubular data to identify influential baking creators and to design a digital content strategy.  As a result of this strategy, Wilton grew their channel engagement by 740% in less than a year.

wargaming net


Working with Tubular Labs’ media buying team, Wargaming optimized its ad format and audience targeting strategy with a focus on display advertising combined with placement targeting. The result was a 55% reduction in cost per conversion.



Building a powerful presence on YouTube, Mattel uses Tubular’s deep audience and creator insights to support its winning digital video strategy. “…with Tubular, we were able to gain access into what else was going on and stay on the cutting edge of content creation for YouTube.”

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New Form Digital

New Form Digital used Tubular data to identify top influencers and validate creative content decisions for their Incubation series. By using Creators’ cross-platform audience data in syndication sales pitches, New Form Digital has sold 17 series to distributors such as Vimeo, Maker, CW The Seed, Refinery29, Fullscreen and AOL.


All Def Digital

All Def Digital (ADD) leveraged Tubular software and services to gain industry and audience knowledge, enhance its online presence, and acquire and retain viewers. As a result, ADD has nearly tripled its subscriber base and increased viewer retention to 2x the YouTube average.



StyleHaul used Tubular data to demonstrate to Target, that the brand conversation around Target was happening on StyleHaul channels.  Leveraging the Tubular data demonstrated to Target that a partnership with StyleHaul could drive the right ROI for the brand. Watch the video to learn more.

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Using Tubular data, HGTV discovered DIY as a rising topic of interest with Millennials, which helped shaped their content strategy and allowed them partner with rising stars in this category.  As a result, HGTV’s channel grew 9.4x faster compared to average DIY channel, and achieved over 25K subscribers in the first month (with no paid promotion).



Using Tubular data, DanceOn was able to boost sales and measure accurate cross-platform network reach across Facebook, Vine, Instagram, and Twitter, in addition to YouTube. Using Tubular’s Intelligence Dashboard, DanceOn saved significant time otherwise needed to manually track cross-platform viewership.