Comic-Con on YouTube Bigger Every Year

Mark Robertson August 3, 2014

This week’s insight focuses on Comic-Con Fandom on YouTube. The famous Comic Convention has been attracting fans worldwide for over 50 years. We searched Tubular’s database to bring you the top...

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NikeSoccer or NikeFootball?

Mark Robertson August 2, 2014

Nike has taken the ultimate question to YouTube: is it Soccer or Football? The undoubted winner is NikeFootball with over 1 million subscribers compared to NikeSoccer with 205,000 subscribers as of...

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Ninja Turtles vs. Guardians of the Galaxy on YouTube

Mark Robertson August 2, 2014

This Tubular insight focuses on two August blockbuster films: Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Both action films have generated large fan bases on YouTube, resulting in...

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YouTube, Oculus Rift and Minecraft

Mark Robertson August 1, 2014

Could Oculus Rift become as big as Minecraft? One of the top videos on YouTube today is filmed through Oculus Rift on elrubiosomg’s channel (6.5 million subs) - see below! Using Tubular’s data...

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Budweiser’s 5 Steps to Winning Super Bowl Season

Mark Robertson July 28, 2014

The Super Bowl is no longer just a Sunday afternoon in February celebrated with parties, appetizers and eye catching television ads. It has grown to a multi-week long season of online video ad...

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State of the Union 2014 on YouTube (#SOTU2014)

Mark Robertson July 27, 2014

MOST ENGAGING YOUTUBE SOTU 2014 VIDEO Last year Senator Rubio’s water bottle won the State of the Union coverage with over 80 YouTube videos and more than 750 thousand total views. This...

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Late Night on YouTube

Mark Robertson May 21, 2014

This week’s insight highlights Late Night on YouTube, focusing on videos uploaded between 5/12/14 and 5/19/14. To see the Top 10 videos from last week, click here. The analysis uses Tubular’s...

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